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hey i'm new and this is a topic i can contribute in!

well, physicaly i like for a guy to be taller than me by like 4-ish inches. not towering but not shorterr than me so he doesn't have to stand on the curb when we kiss (not kidding, had to have one guy do that). I'm really not a big fan of the typical idea of sexiness as big, scary muscles. I much prefer thin guys with muscle tone, not bulk. wiery lean muscles are the kind i find most attractive. i do not like it when guys dye their hair. it's a big turn off. and please, don't have jesus hair. and at the same time don't have no hair. kissable lips are the best, but not i-just-got-punched-in-the-face-lips. i'm a big sucker for light green-light brown eyes.
the physical doesn't really matter though if the character is great. personality wise, humor is so sexy. and as cliche as it is, so is confidence. a guy needs to have initiative. intellegence/talant in something is a turn on. i think that's why so many girls (me included) fall for musicains (not just guitarists, personaly i have a thing for guys who play the stand up bass). it's nice to know a guy is dedicated to something and is creative. i so basically, nothing is sexier to me than a guy who jokes to me and who can flirt verbaly and not just physicaly. a guy who has energy to be up for anything, and yet has his mellow moment. and a guy who i can go see play a show. and i know i'm really picky
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