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indeed good logic, however living in the states will not diminish her appearance in tabloids, on the contrary, i think she'll be in more as now she'll prob attend more social parties and high society gatherings... And you know how the us are... they'll make something small look larger than life...

Also, if Keira didn't want everyone to know about her plans of moving to hollywood? why would "she" (or whoever else) make it public even weeks before the actual event takes place? It is possible, as i said, there is a lot of logic in your way of thinkin as di mentioned... but does the real reason matter? as long as it's her choice i'm with her

I dunno, as far as i'm concerned, it's her life and she can and will do whatever she wants, i want her to stay in england, but who am i to tell her what to do

you go Keira, you live your life instead of having it lived by others
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