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overcoming phobias

i am absolutely horrible at this. i like a guy named randy at school right? so i have connections to him, n i guess you could say we're friends n all, but itd be great if i could just overcome this goddamn phobia of asking him out/asking him if he likes me/etc. plus, all my friends say he likes me but how the hell am i supposta know for sure? then they go around saying im in denial. he knows i like him too, so its a lil awkward talking to him over msn messenger now... but no matter what i do, if he likes me, he knows i like him back so why doesnt he just ask me out?! i mean i know guys can have the exact same phobias girls can but still.. i mean shhiiit, wish i could know for sure whether he liked me or not since im obviously not gonna overcome the phobia of just simply ASKING him whether he likes me or not.
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