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Originally Posted by acliff
I don't share your past times dear, especially the corrupting of underage girls, but each to their own I suppose. I'm a hypocritical moderator? Say it ain't so! If you feel bored you can work out how many of those were moderating posts, and how many of them weren't. And then maybe you can distill that into conversational posts which people actually replied to. If you're so bothered by it all.
I was bored enough. You have made 8 posts, 2 of them were moderating. 6 of them weren't. In one of your moderating posts you wrote:

Originally Posted by acliff
You can view, but you can't post. How fucking simple to follow, how fucking stupid you have to be to not get the idea.
Where you dropped on your head as a child? Because begins to explain how mentally handicapped I think you are.
Danish Liberal Youth.
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