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Originally Posted by Flightfreak
Well as a senior member and officer of these forums I am bothered by the fact I see a moderator who, in being a hypocrite, doesn't lead by example.
People don't listen to moderators when they see them breaking the same rules themselves. You need to be consequent my dear.
Look to Leonie as an example of how a moderator should behave!

Furthermore I'm bothered by what appears to me to be a moderator who's lost the will to moderate effectively and properly. He passes by the forum once in a while and uses his position to vent his frustrations at other aspects of his life by abusing other forum members, hiding behind his position as a moderator as an excuse, despite the fact that what he is doing isn't moderating, but venting his personal frustrations.
Awww diddums.
Actually coming to think of it, don't you outrank me? Shouldn't you be the one leading by example?
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