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Originally Posted by Flightfreak
[Female side of me speaking]
You are a Fucking Hypocrite acliff, want to compare the amount of posts you and I posted in the *girls forum*?

If i would be spamming this Girls forum, then I would be ok with you remembering me that this is the girls forum, But if i post only once or twice or maybe five times in this whole *girls forum* then you shut up and go play with your self while watching the - Female Members Pic Thread! – were you btw posted more useless shit in than I posted in the whole Girls forum!
I don't share your past times dear, especially the corrupting of underage girls, but each to their own I suppose. I'm a hypocritical moderator? Say it ain't so! If you feel bored you can work out how many of those were moderating posts, and how many of them weren't. And then maybe you can distill that into conversational posts which people actually replied to. If you're so bothered by it all.
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