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Distant Love (a poem)

Into the east my heart did sail,
And was forever lost,
For it had seen the last portrayal
Of love’s familiar cost –
And dearly paid, to no avail,
To sea and debt ‘twas tossed.

Where’er I go, I shan’t return,
For none could dignify
My heart, and she who bade me yearn
What I could not deny.
She left my heart to one concern –
The sea of endless sky.

A quiet passion drives me on,
Toward pastures gray and dull,
Toward lands wherein is beauty gone,
Replaced with dying lull.
And every night shall fade to dawn,
A ransom paid in full.

The Western sun leads where I roam,
Where loneliness resides,
Where restless nights have made their home,
And emptiness abides.
Thus thicker grows that ancient tome,
To which heartbreak confides.

The moon shall be my guide throughout,
Its ashen light above;
Across the seas I make my route,
In search of dreams thereof;
And when this distance pains about
My soul, I know ‘tis love.
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