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Does anyone have a link to the interview in which Bruckheimer says there'll be an R rated DVD?
I just got this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly in the mail today. There's an entire article about King Arthur and how much difficulty Bruckheimer and Disney gave director, Antoine Fuqua, when making this movie.

Here's a small rundown of the article:

-Origins of the script and idea for the movie

-Originally planned to be released Christmas 2004, giving Fuqua 5 months less.

-Planned to be rated-R, but with pressure from Bruckheimer, made A LOT of cuts to make it pg13

-Cut out decapitations because of sensitivity issues w/ terrorist violence in Iraq and Saudi Arabia

-After being submitted to ratings board, it came back rated R, Fuqua was fored to make bunches of cuts. [Guinevere's body count was reduced, for example]

-June 16: lighter, comedic scenes were shot

-June 13: Happy ending was filmed, replacing the funeral that was originally the end

-Bruckheimer convinced Disney to release Fuqua's R-rated version on DVD. "He deserves it," says Bruckheimer.
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