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sorry for that. i forgot, use for next time. that one doesn't have popups (maybe 1) i really dont get anypopups from the one since i have the google toolbar installed, it blocks everything i uninstalled halo yesterday after i got tired of playing at 5-10 fps all the time ever since i installed the latest drivers from ati, before that i used to get around 20-30. i decided not to waste my time on it untill i get a better card, right now i have a ATI 7000 saving up for a 9800 pro or maybe xt right now i have the custom edition installed just to be able to check out my own maps and some others (but i still cant play )
EDIT: yay, Halo2 november 9th!!! i'll be camping outside the mall the night b4 i already have my copy reserved. i'm gonna get 2 copies, one regular and one limited collectors which comes in a tin box with behind the scenes bonus dvd and all, but you have to reserve it. so do if you want it.
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