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Originally Posted by acliff
If you like it or not, google maps “could” be used to choose a new target for an terrorist attack,… ,its an easy and a cheap way to choose a target, they will try to get access to better (and more expensive) satellite images if they needed them,…, but these satellite images in combination with GPS are more than enough.
The public has access (can buy) to satellite images till a certain resolution (detail grade) if they want to get higher ones than they need to contact certain agencies with a very good reason and probably a lot of money.
Now because Google maps only exist for the usa and Canada (for now), would I not be wondered if they made a fuss about it. Because in the states they are pretty paranoia…

Originally Posted by acliff
Next time you say things in another language, because its obviously something you don't want me to read, i shall delete it.
I’ll translate it for you: I basically said that you were an frustrated idiot, and i made a laugh with the English language you used.
I don’t like people who call me a fucktard with out a reason.
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