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Satellite photographs are not GPS, I'm sure even you know that Flightfreak.
If google were able to get satellite photographs of everywhere, I'm sure anyone could get them if they were looking. Having them readily available doesn't change the fact that most terrorists don't go 'hey lets browse google and find a random airport to suicide bomb', they know their target, have probably known their targets for the last 3 years, and know exactly what it looks like and already know the indepth layout of the buildings, regardless of what they are.
You think an well funded terrorist organisation don't already have access to this information?

I find it ridiculous that someone puts up a map, and the first thing that comes to their heads is how terrorists could use it. If I gave you an ordinance survey map, would you be worried that snipers would find out where the church towers were?

And Flightfreak, you mention that the US is paranoid... I'm pretty sure that you were the first one to mention anything about terrorism... and where do you live? One of the most carefree countries in the world besides Jamaica.

Next time you say things in another language, because its obviously something you don't want me to read, i shall delete it.

Keyser, I'm pretty sure on this google map you can't specify 'vunerable nuclear power stations' or 'important buildings that might be a good target for those dabbling in terror mongering'. Besides vunerable in what sense? I'm guessing the powerstations near living people are very well secured, and now they all have nuclear power stations that are impossible to go into meltdown.
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