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Originally Posted by acliff
You fucktard, if they were terrorists capable of getting past security on these places, don't you think they'd have maps already? And more recent ones at that?
love you to honey…
read my posts again…

1:I wonder how long it will stay online because it’s a very helpful tool for terrorists.
---> simplified: I am "wondering" how long the site Google maps will stay online...

2:aren’t you forgetting something?
we do speak about the USA… *paranoia*
if they even point 5 automatic guns at my mate (15 year old kid) because he could be a terrorists than I would not be surprised if the government would make a fuss about this.
those maps can be handful to check out industry parks (nuclear power plans, petrochemical industry,...)
---> simplified: USA...paranoia...politics...fucked up...

extra info: bush proposed a new law
basically: "he wants to be able to shutdown every GPS system with one button.(Galileo European version of GPS and GPS it self)"

now to answer your question:
maybe, who knows,...but like I said: USA,...paranoia,...

*some stupid babbling*
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