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Ok people...

You'll be glad to know that i yelled at the woman*achem!* guy with the furcoat when he trying to act cool (try imagining a chinese napoleon dynamite chasing a mouse). And he and his little friend(the mouse) were trying to spy on my friends and I, until i shot my head off and told him i knew about his tricks/poor stalking moves and if he doesn't stop, he and his friend better watch themselves and i'll file for sexual harrasement. Which is what he was doing.

It worked too! He stopped following me, but the sad thing is he's not wearing the furcoat.. so no more public humailiation. I know it sounds cruel, but hey, i told him to back off before and he didn't listen

Thank you everyone! you've helped me alot!! if there's anymore stuff i need to post up.. i'll try not to waste your time on how to open a mayonaisse jar
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