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I think this conversation has turned into a "cast your bollocks here" one... I'm very disappointed especially by what many of you wrote. I am a martial artist and I feel offended by those who said that martial arts such as karate can help you putting up some punches or kicks.... martial arts themselves should teach you to control yourself, your emotions. those who say as mentioned are just violent people. and I'm not just saying it.

I think you can buy pepper spray (which is anti-violence... not violence itself as someone said) at any pharmacist's... they are supposed to sell it (if I'm not wrong).

anyway, I thought this was something serious, not some kind of joke as it has turned into.

and remember: violence should be your last, definitive defense against that guy... but before using it, try any other way.
I'm sorry you feel offended by the karate stuff. of course violence is my last option, but after what the sick asshole did to me, it's risen to choice number 2. I would have taken martial arts a long time ago, but my mom didn't want me to, so i got into volleyball which did help me mentally and physically.

It is a serious topic, but sometimes when kept too serious, like how i've kept it for a year, can ruin people. I have a lot of mental strength, but every once in while i'll breakdown completely. I cried myself to sleep almost everynight during that time period, a few tears right now as i type.

The reason i even posted my story in the first place was to lighten my load of stress, get some opinions on what i should do and how to cope. of course i want to keep it on the serious side, but cracking some jokes makes it seem a lot less of a problem than it really is
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