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Originally Posted by Foeni
If you're good at karate and the stalker doesn't expect anything like it. The element of surprise gives your a great advantage. I got that from a friend of mine who have done karate for years.
And take it from someone whos done taekwondo for years, you cannot seriously expect your opponent to take 4-5 punches without noticing. If they are taken by surprise, then great. One punch should do if you're very good. And even then, its very unlikely to knock them out. If you do have the advantage, you do what you can to finish the fight, and thats definitely not 4-5 punches. Usually knees, elbows, stomps, breaks.

I feel confident that I could kick you in the head faster than you could move out the way, but even so I'm hesitant to advise self defence and martial arts as the answer. Don't give advice when you obviously have no idea what you're talking about.
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