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why don’t you follow some self defence courses, it will make you mentally and your muscles (?fysicly?) stronger.
Physically. I was 12 at the time! I live in the safest town in the US, i didn't think i needed defense courses. I'm very athletic (rarely dress-up), shotput, volleyball, biking, and a whole lot more. like i said, i had the monthly killer-cramps, i couldn't move, was busy playing Canon in D (bad decision), he was standing behind me and i was stupidly locking me knees. But you'll be proud! my reflexes are a LOT better. I flinch at the littlest things. My high school has a fitness center for our new gym, so i ocassionally go there to work out.
And a right punch in the face (if the new stalker isn't too tall) can send a man to ground
I'm probably the shortest girl in the 9th grade :icon_redf but i can do that. I have really hard hits and jump high(owe it to volleyball ) I was thinking of getting one of my big guy friends for support, and confront the stalker telling him that i know what he's doing and either he leaves me alone, or he'll end up with a bent dick(i probably won't mention that, what do you guys think?), broken ribs or nose.
It will take her a long time training to even begin to overcome even a normal 6'1 guy. And thats if he doesn't know some shit himself.
One of my guy friends took sombo(sp?) classes with him. He said it was a type of russian martial arts. so.. he knows some shit. It sucks
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