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1. How old are you?
2. How old is this boy that you speak of?
3. This counseller that you talk of....are they part of the school? Or an external body?
4. Your principal knows? What has he/she done about it? What do they say will happen in the future if his behaviour continues?

At the moment, it doesn't seem like your school are doing an awful lot to help you to be honest. If this sort of thing had happened to me, I'd expect the boy to be, at least suspended, if not expelled.
Be aware this event took place in Middle school and a short time in high school, so i had different sets of principals and counselors.

1. i was 12-14. I'm 14 1/2 now
2. He was 13-15. same grade.
3. the middle school counselor didn't really do anything. I didn't see him for a while after telling her, but i doubt she did anything. My present counselor did help a lot. She set up a meeting with one of my former teachers, her boss, my housemaster(dean, whatever you want to call it), and a police officer within the school. They said they were going to document what happened.
4. Both principal at the school didn't know anything unless it has to do with rape, pulled fire alarms, or drugs. It's usually the housemasters that take care of this stuff.

I don't really know what happened to him. Like i said, the last thing i heard about him was that he slit his wrist. I was talking to my 8th grade teacher, and she said that he purposely tries to get into the hospital because he doesn't feel safe anywhere else. She said it was a mother-son relationship where the sos takes the responsiblity or something.

And kick him so hard that he can't walk. That way he won't come near you
Tried that when he touched my ass. But i still wasn't really comfortable with the old monthly visit. So it turned into a tried kicking him in the balls, then tried using my trumpet as a weapon.... :fencing:

didn't really work! I'm wiser now. i have a stalker/scary freaky guy who follows me when he sees me or desperately tries to hide like papparazzis. i know where to hit, i'm learning from sci-fi books too hehe. my avatar's one of them

I prefer Ranman's other favoured method....poke him in the eyes.
i'm too short. i'm 5 ft he's about 6'1''.
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