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With the formation and implementation of the FMC, the United American Federation was but another dictatorship with Mr. Sparrow at its nerve center and the FMC as the muscle and sinew. The FMC moved to gain control over the entirety of the UAF’s industrial sector. Every night, members of the FAF and FSF paid visits to the industrialists unlucky enough to live in UAF territory.

The next morning, the Federal New Service, the propaganda and information branch of the UAF government, would report that a new industry had come under the enlightened control of the military. In fact, the FNS was merely a forced conglomeration of the former major new services (Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, etc.). The one oddity was that the Christian news services, like CBN and TBN, were allowed to remain free of government control.

On the whole, the Christian associations in general faired very well in Sparrow’s government. Men and women of the cloth were exempt from the universal draft that was in effect. They paid no taxes or tributes to their government and were treated with the utmost by even the haughty FAF/FSF.

After attaining political and social legitimacy, the UAF began to implement its goals, the most important of which was “formation of a moral and good society”. To that end, by presidential order, the Council on Moral Affairs was formed. CMA, headed up by a group of the UAF’s top evangelical clergymen, was given the mission of “saving the Federation from sin and immorality”. CMA was granted oversight of the writing of the Federal constitution and all judicial appointments.

CMA’s success could be seen clearly in the constitution, which began, “In the name and glory of the Lord God Jesus Christ, this constitution seeks to ordain and establish a society in the image of our Creator”. The new constitution regularly quoted from the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible regarding the basis for its articles and statues. In overseeing judicial appointments (including the Federal Supreme Court), CMA could even overrule the president and deny one of his appointees the bench. This made CMA singular in that power to check the dictator Sparrow.

Almost immediately, the Federal Supreme Court began overturning previous US laws. Homosexual marriage was banned, abortion declared a capital offense, and strict censorship put into place of all UAF media and entertainment.

In order to back up its edicts, CMA petitioned President Sparrow and the FMC for permission to form a militant branch. Of course, their wish was immediately granted and the Brigade des Vierges (French for the “Brigade of Virgins”) was born. Unlike all other police and paramilitary forces, the BV did not answer to the FMC or even to President Sparrow; instead, they answered the ruling clergymen of CMA.

The Brigade des Vierges, much like Robespierre’s ‘Representatives on a Mission’, were given assignment of controlling and eliminating immorality. They were given the best weapons and full license to kill. In their purist white uniforms, the Brigade des Vierges inspired more fear in the citizenry of the UAF than any other enforcement agency.

The BV raided adult ‘toy’ stores, brothels, nude dancing parlors, illicit casinos, and many of the more popular homosexual bars. Carrying M-16s and wearing white jackboots, BV soldiers and officers would rush in, firing into the ceiling and, after the endroit de l’immoralité was cleared out, they then burned the building to the ground. Very quickly, word spread among the deviants and personnes immorales of the new great society that the BV was not to be trifled with.

As with all great plans and programs, there was a violent backlash to it. By hunting the personnes immorales and destroying their operations, the BV had made many enemies. From anarchists to communists, atheists to Satanists, radical liberals to reactionary fascists, heterosexual ‘ladies men’ to butch homosexuals; they all hated the moralistic Brigade des Vierges and its parent, the Council on Moral Affairs, with an extreme passion.

Amazingly, these different deviant groups agreed to put aside their differences and battle the Brigade des Vierges. To an outside observer, it would have seemed insane, but these personnes immorales formed an alliance de but against the BV and CMA.

Although to most citizens, the UAF was peaceful and safe, in reality, it was a war zone. In the diminishing red light districts, BV and deviants faced off. Regularly, homemade bombs were detonated and drive-by shootings against patrolling BV agents occurred.

Slowly, but surely, this war became more public. Street battles became fairly regular, even in Victory City. Deviant forces would hide out and ambush UAF forces (even conventional FAF/FSF units). Although bloody and violent, these battles did little to stave the spread of morality, for everyday, the Brigade des Vierges recruited young men and women to fight for the ‘cause’.

The BV began infiltrating this alliance des deviants. After all, how hard is it for a person to pretend to be a homosexual or a Satanist or a fasciste? The more feminine males and masculine females paraded as homosexuals, anyone can tattoo a pentagram on their arm, and the more Aryan of the BV agents paraded as fascists.

These infiltrators made their way to the top, alerting BV and CMA command, which then raided the safehouses and compounds. The infiltrations were having their desired effect and the alliance des deviants was being broken up, but they were not yet gone.

Now, the last of these remaining personnes immorales came to a decision: the only way to stop CMA and the Brigade des Vierges was to kill the snake’s head, not its fangs. President Victor Sparrow, the father of modern morality, and only 24-years-old, had to die.


The threat to President Matthew Sparrow’s life would be of minimal concern to most people not connected to the UAF government. In fact, outside its own borders, this would be a minor issue. After all, most countries have homegrown terrorist groups to deal with, the UAF should be no different.

In order to understand the importance of the plot to kill Sparrow, one must first look at the Federation’s neighbors west of the Mississippi River, the Republic of Hollywood. In most respects, the ROH is a polar opposite to the UAF. While morality is stress here, freedom of thought and expression are stressed there. Although both countries have a standing army, the UAF is by any definition much more militant. Although a president leads both countries, only Hollywood is a democracy.

As of this point in time, veteran actor Johnny Depp leads Hollywood. From the beginning of diplomatic relations between Hollywood and the Federation, they did not get along. Sparrow, being militarily superior to Depp, sough to bark out orders at Hollywood as though it were a puppet state. To his credit, Johnny Depp stood up to Sparrow’s dictums. A few months later, after cooler heads had prevailed, Hollywood and the Federation began restart a diplomatic process. Only a couple weeks ago, the Sparrow-Depp Accords (called the Depp-Sparrow Accords in Hollywood) were signed. In it, a lasting treaty for peace was ratified.

Now, only weeks after this groundbreaking treaty, massive tourism between the Federation and Hollywood has initiated. Most of those visiting there opposite country were the standard middle-class ‘Joe Six-Pack’, but a few high level UAF and ROH dignitaries visited each other’s countries.

Perhaps the two most important people to tour the UAF were junior actresses Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman. Their actions, especially Knightley’s, would have a drastic effect upon the very existence of the Federation and its leaders- not to mention their own lives.
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