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You asked for is the first part of the story. It is only loosely based on the dream I had; hopefully, you'll find it interesting. I shall tryr and post more chapters in the upcoming.


When looking back through history, it can be evident that governments are formed in many ways. Perhaps the most common way is war, and that was how the UAF came to exist.

Of course, it was not the Big One that put the UAF into power. Oh no, very few people even remember what the Big One was about. They knew that something had happened between United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the People’s Democratic Republic of China, but few knew why that something happened.

All they knew was that one day they woke up dead or with life changed drastically. Perhaps it was a hidden blessing that only neutron bombs had been used against us. Millions died but the infrastructure was left relatively intact.

The Big One left America fallen. With no government and no military, we had been destroyed. Of course, Russia and China were annihilated.

As I stated earlier, it was not the Big One that brought about the UAF. The UAF was formed through another war, a prolonged war. Out of the ashes of death came one man.

This man who would start in Florida and form a militia that would expand along the compass corners. The militia spread as far north as Maine, as far south as Key West, and as far west as the Mississippi River.

Once the militia had spread so far, he began to incorporate remnants of the US military into his organization. He promised a new martial society where intellect would be subservient to brute force. Where love would be subservient to war. Where the will of the military WAS the will of the people. This man was Victor Sparrow.


Although the UAF occupied the territory west of the Mississippi River that once belonged to the United States of America, its similarities to the US were few and far between. Although the UAF had a president, by no means was it a democratic republic.

Victor Sparrow conquered his way to the top. Originally, the UAF had been known as the Independent Militia, with Sparrow as its Revolutionary Commander. By most definitions, Sparrow was a thug. Originally, his militia was an unofficial group of thugs and ex-military men. Then, as it grew in stature and prestige, the IM attracted more viable agents.

Now, at its acme, the UAF controlled all territory west of the Mississippi River and its legal capital is Victory City, the former US capital of Washington in the District of Columbia.

Although he is addressed as President Sparrow, he is much more. One of his official titles is President of the United American Federation, making him the chief executive, head of government, and head of state of the UAF. His second title is Supreme Commander of the Federal Military Council. The FMC oversees all military operations in the UAF and many civilian operations. Sparrow’s third title is Commandant of the UAF Marine Corps, which like the US version, is the crème de la crème of the UAF’s conventional military forces. His fourth title is Chairman of the Federal Bank, making him the controller of virtually the entire UAF economy.

The Federal Military Council is the closest thing the UAF has to a legislature. The FMC is divided into several sub-bodies; the Presidential Council, the Inner Council, and the Outer Council. The Presidential Council is the chief, yet smallest, body of the FMC. It includes the President/Supreme Commander, the Vice President, the Secretary of Defense, the Fieldmarshal of the Federal Armed Forces, the Director-General of the Federal Intelligence Agency, the Chief Commissioner of the Federal Security Forces, and one councilor-at-large appointed by the President. The PC holds complete control over the Federal Armed Forces, the Federal Security Forces, the Federal Intelligence Agency and any other military, security, or intelligence apparatus under UAF control.

The Inner Council is made up of every flag officer of the Federal Armed Forces, the deputy commissioners of the FSF, the deputy directors of the FIA, and all other deputy administrative leaders of any other military, security, or intelligence apparatus under UAF control.

The Outer Council is made up of a given number of staff and non-commissioned officers elected by the entire body of the FAF, FSF, FIA, and all other military, security, and intelligence apparatus under UAF control. Outer Council elections are held every six years.

The Federal Armed Forces is made up of several branches, namely Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Strategic Command (which oversees the use, storage, and defense of all nuclear (both strategic and tactical), biological, and chemical weapons at UAF disposal).

The Federal Security Forces is made up of all federal, state, county, municipal, and other police and security forces in the UAF. Also under the FSF is the Civil Defense Department, which handles all paramilitary and non-governmental militia and security operations within the UAF.

The Federal Intelligence Agency was merely the American CIA renamed. It occupied the same headquarters in Langley, Virginia, and had the same directorates: Intelligence, Operations, Administration, and Science & Technology.
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