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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Another Chicago can protect me from Kelsey then (she's quite militant on that one).

The CGI looks good...the film looks excellent...but I have heard the stuff about how the rating stuff ruined it. Shame that. Funny thing is Keira said she DOES fancy you'd have guessed there'd be chemistry. Of course we know that the trailers have been heavily editted (overemphasising Keira's role) so I suppose my view at this stage ain't worth much.
no problem hassle, holler if you need some help oh, and I would say that there is just a hint of chemistry between Keira/Clive and like I've been saying, KA suffers from it's pg-13 rating. I like Bruckheimers movies nice and violent, although Bors does supply the comic relief throughout the movie.
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