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Originally Posted by Hazzle
And that wasn't off topic

Yeah, well, what does make them bad? There is no objective taste, no objective good or bad...and who gives a flying fuck if the majority like something? I often believe most of the public are thick and need to be taken out back and shot...Ducky suggests reeducation is possible but I'm not so sure

Back to King Arthur...Antoine Fuqua yet again...may remember him from Training Day and others...this his best work or not? (I'm actually curious, I'm not just clinging to try and keep it on topic )
Two points I agree with you on hassle:
1: the "thick headed public" is damn straight- most see crappy movies, critics give great ones bad scores, and vice-versa(Chicago, LOTR King Arthur, etc...)
2: Antoine's best work I think is King Arthur, do not listen to the shit reviewers tell you about, go with your instinct.
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