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Well seeing as this thread has, apparently, been bumped, I see no reason why I shouldn't contribute and bump it further . That actually sounds rather rude but...(or is that my immaturity rearing its petulant head again ), anyway what I want to say, and what will probably undermine the whole ideology and ethos of this thread, is that I don't believe (and obviously I'm not saying I'm correct, or that I know), but I honestly don't believe that anyone who says they love Keira on this thread actually LOVE Keira, at all.

I don't think people lie, just that their preconception of what they're feeling is distorted. People may indeed be in lust with Keira, or find her so attractive they'd like very much to indulge in a spot of S&M complete with whips and leather (immaturity folks) , but I find it utterly ludicrous to imply that you LOVE someone you've:
a) Never seen in the flesh, so to speak
b) Never spoken too
c) Never touched.

I'm actually really interested in love, and the theory of love - and the dimensions which it consists of. In fact, I'm actually currently conducting research into it, and what we (the general people as a whole) define as love. In fact, I would really appreciate it if you guys at KKWavefront could help out, if I posted a thread in the General Discussion Forum linking to my research questionaire I would be ecstatic if you guys could take out the time to do. It's an independant study, but I'm kinda doing it with one of my tutors at present. I'll update with that, and when it's finished you all can see the results if you want (I'll post on me site). I'm really intrigued by everyone's opinion on love. But I'm rambling now....

Yeah, back to the point, I think I've said earlier that hindsight is a wonderful thing - and I know I've been having feelings about people and have thought "oh my god, I'm in love", and later you shake your head and laugh and realise I soooo wasn't in love, merely blinded by lust. (Especially when you really do fall in love with someone, and the other person who you thought you were in love with doesn't even compare to them). There are so many dimensions of love, and it really is the strongest emotion/substance in the world at present, and I think that lust is an element of love - but I don't think that lust on it's own is anywhere near as powerful as love; although it could be a stepping stone to the real thing.

I'm noticing how I'm finding it really hard to make my point here, and that's because I haven't really decided (like I say my research is on-going), so sorry for really badly rambling. I do apologise.
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