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yeah, other than the "edited" parts of the movie, it was superb. A real treat from all the superhero movies of the last 3 summers(Spidey, Hulk, Punisher...). I haven't seen Troy, but I saw KA on day one() and I have to say, the fight scenes looked more realistic than the CGI in Troy. I do have to admit, I thought the CGI on the ice battle looked like crap, and I've seen better arrow animations in the Lord of the Rings. I agree with Hazzle, Kelsey, and mufiman on their opinions on moronic critics. I still can't believe Chicago won best picure in 2002 that sucked majorly. finally, the worst part of the movie, agreeing with mufiman, is that Keira came in 50 minutes into the movie wtf?! I saw the movie with 4 of my friends, all anxiously waiting for her to come on screen (one of my friends only went because she was in it.)
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