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i saw king arthur yesterday. it was mediocre, not classic or great. i actually thought troy was better, epic-wise. they were both similar with their cgi battles and war scenes. they both have the humongous armies flying into one another scenes. the battle on the Ice was pretty good though.
i didnt really think keira and clive had any "chemistry". The romance between her and arthur is worse than perfunctory, it's like they're checking items off a list while grocery shopping. "Oh, we've forgotten the scene where we make love. Well, let's get to it." and the battle scenes were heavily edited. they should have just made it R. you see someone on a horse, swinging a sword, we see some kind of rushing image, flying dirt, and then youre supposed to assume that guy got his head chopped off. and the worst part...keira doesnt come into the film until halfway through the movie. lame, but i totally agree with you frodo, critics are complete morons at times.
napoleon dynamite isnt showing in hawaii, because all our theaters suck. i was looking forward to seeing that, it looks hilarious.
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