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Knox - Feel free to add Your drawings!
Its very good drawing! I like that hair. The whole body are really good. The proportion... You catch the pose perfectly
Nice bule colour give good contrast effect... You inspired me. Mayby I will try to do some colour drawing (painting).

hannahjane - Thank You
Heh, You Are "bloody lazy"? I know that pain ... I am lazy too, but sometimes I get pencil, and just draw.
I dont think that drawing is very hard and take a lot of time... If I will think that, I will never start a new picture.
I think that drawing is simple and quick... so i take a pencil, and just draw. When I start, sometimes it takes me a lot of time, but I dont feel that time. Mayby becouse I like drawing.

MrPink - I enjoy, when You are impressed.
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