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Also I think the environmental scientists are being a little too optimistic, and thus, are setting us up for failure - which does no-one's confidence any good. For example, Britian alone was expected to reduce it's pollution emission by 30% within a time period of just two years, and by a whopping 70% within the next five (or something)! Obviously, we did not meet these ambitious targets; which sent out the disconcerning message of failure. If it felt like measures were being successful, perhaps more people would bother with trying to conserve the environment.
Actually they found a trick for that. If a country sees that they are not going to make it (the 30% for example) than they can buy "clean air" in Russia.
Something what always annoys me is that, countries spend billions of dollars on prestige projects, knowing that they could spend that money on reducing the price of solar cells.
Because now the billing price of solar sells is expensive.
I also annoy my self to the fact that the Belgium state could reduce the energy costs of the public buildings with 30% if they would make those buildings more energy durable.
It annoys me that the world spends billions of dollars on space projects while the half of the world doesn’t even have decent drinking water!
(Ah well maybe capitalism isn’t as pretty like most people think it is)
We spend billions of dollars to fly to the moon, but we can’t make the emission of harmful gasses drop, why? The replacing technologies already exist, money should also not be a problem, if we can fly to the moon,...
The world raised and will disappear again too, humans won’t be able to stay on earth.
But is that a reason to say, “what do I care, it will pass my time”
That’s like saying “I wont be careful with my new car, he will be broke in 10 years anyway”
Apparently people have it a lot easier to care about their own car, than caring about the world they live on.
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