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Originally Posted by mike
a carea in law now that sounds fun!all that cross examining and twisting truths to get a result i dont condone it but it sounds fun lol

supose its nothing like on the films tho and i know it needs alot of education and studying so hats of to you

i dont know how you people cope with colleage and uni and that goes out to all you students

and as you can tell i probly wouldnt do to well in the writing side of things as well my spellings awfull

i envy inteligent people.good luck HJ
Lol, yeah, I did work experience with a few Barrister mates of mine, in various courts across the UK - and being a barrister really does involve fannying about and masking the truth with correct vocab to get your (often flawed!) point across. But hey, like you say, it is fun - and it's also well paid! Let's not forget the suit, people! You're right about the studying, Mike, It's gonna be a hard slog (groan!), my tutors reckon I'll get into Oxford (I don't because I'm not publicly educated); but I'd love it if I did, because I'd get to study at the highest level of academia, with the best tutors in the world.

Mike, I don't think you come across as unintelligent whatsoever. The fact that you say you "envy" intelligent people, reinforces this viewpoint. It's the sort of people who pay blantantly no attention, or show no respect for, the academic side of life who I would class as unintelligent (though not necessarily completely thick, or by no means, useless). What stage of education are you in/ have you achieved? What where your favourite academic or non-academic school/college subjects? Even if you weren't good at particular school subjects does not mean, by any lengths, you are unintelligent. A wide knowledge of the world, and the life we live, is intelligence to me. You seem to have those qualities.

Thanks for the luck anyway - I'll probably need it!
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