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Originally Posted by Hazzle
LOTR was pants though...well the Fellowship was alright...Two Towers was a little worse...but Return of the King, after starting off SOOO well...had the worst ending any movie has ever had...and yes...I know the book had a long ending but it wasn't as if Peter Jackson didn't hack up the book to make his films, so why not work better on the ending? Hmm...cos he was out to make a pansy version of a great book? Yeah...sounds right.

Peter Jackson had to include the long ending from the book, since he had to stay true to the source material. I think he did a fantastic job on recreating one of the best books known to mankind, unlike the Harry Potter series. That has one of the worst book to movie translations ever, it had so many loop holes in it, the director/s did give time to explain all of the story/contents, and they cut a crapload of content so they could fit all of the good/ mindless parts into a 2 and a half hour movie.
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