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If you should know I cheated once and I dont regret it I finally got this old girl that i used to like and at this party we ended up pashing put thats not the point when i done it she had told her freind so I thought I should go tell my gf before she finds out from someone else.So I go and tell her one night at her house and she isnt upset she just goes "well I know you used to like her and it was a one of thing, but Since you told me that I should tell you that I have been cheating on you for a week now".So when she said this I was stumped, anyway we broke up the next day.But so you know guys or girls normally cheat if they are bored with their current realonship like if they havent progressed, they are look for new thrills, sometimes even to see how it differs and too see if he/she likes it better and to see if they relasionship can survive something like that.------Mind the punctuation
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