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Originally Posted by SimplyKnightley
"children raised by homosexual parents will be more open-minded and socially tolerant", do u mean that only children raised by homosexual parents can become more open-minded and socially-tolerant?
No, you miss understood my point
Raising kids is setting an example for them, is raising them up with certain social values, hetro people can raise them with the same values but it doesn’t necessarily happen most of the times it don’t, or less than with homosexual parents. with homosexual parents it happens automatically because the children get confronted with hetro couples as well as with homosexual couples what makes them more understandable and tolerant for it, what makes them also more open and tolerant for other social differences.
My hypotheses are based on personal experience and logical thinking.
You can't deny the fact that those children are better off with homosexual parents than in social centrums.

Originally Posted by SimplyKnightley
yes i shall argue not for the mere sake of it but because you have misunderstood my point. i did not say that being raised by homosexual parents is physically and/or mentally terrorizing. i have already explained that it is a separate example i used not in direct relation to the topic in question. no wonder u find it complex. i almost got confused by your confusion :P
i didn’t find it complex, *the social cases* you referred to are to complex to use in this argue.

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