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What i am arguing for is that children raised by homosexual parents will be more open-minded and socially tolerant.
Because they get confronted with something most children out hetro families don’t get confronted with. Even worse a lot of parents are intolerant to wraths them, are against gay people, gay marriage, gay parents adoption…
Its just a fact that children with homosexual parents are more openminded more tolerant because they know it, they are used to it, they don’t have difficulties with it because it’s a normal thing.
My example wasn’t flawed; it only showed that parents set an example for their children how to behave in society.
Now abuse of children; first of all raising kids by homosexual is NOT being physically and/or mentally terrorized.
The problem children and situations you refer to are so complex that you cant use them in this argue.
But if you want to argue about that my guest
Now, who are the children who are putted in adoption? Most of the time it are children out the lower class of society, third world countries, orphanages… It are not children that come out healthy family situations… there are very long guard lists of children who wait for adoption and are temperedly in social centrums. Even is you believe that homosexual parents aren’t the best solution, even than those children are better off with homosexual parents then staying in those centrums.

I like constructive exchange of thoughts.
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