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Originally Posted by Flightfreak
Some abused children are more empathetic,…, some aren’t,...but each situation is different,…,each child is different,...,you can’t put them in one box "abused children".
AS IF raising kids by homosexual parents is like abusing them, like mentally terrorizing them that’s just ridicules.
Your argument is flawed.
exactly. and you can't assume that ALL homosexual parents are better capable of raising kids, which is basically what you are arguing for, again in your latest entry. my example of abused kids is to counteract your flawed argument (the proof of which you are too 'lazy' to provide), not implying anything about abuse of kids by homosexual parents. they are two different matters. so please take time to ponder on the debate and slow down on the rebuke. even if we don't share the same viewpoint at least make this a constructive exchange of thoughts. in case you read that the wrong way i am not pinpointing anyone. just a general reminder
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