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Originally Posted by Liam
They need to fight for acceptance?

Its getting to the point now where heterosexual people are having to fight for acceptance. Political correctness has gone way too far. Two popular radio hosts here are being *forced* to apologise for referring to a pair of gay blokes who flaunted themselves on television as 'poofs' - a phrase which has been in the Australian vernacular for decades. It shits me, I'm afraid.

I'm all for equal rights, I really am. I'm just sick and tired of the bullshit that ensues when equal rights get taken too far.

Well than you have a problem with the Media who blows it out of proportion and not with gay people themselves.
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Originally Posted by SimplyKnightley
i'm afraid it doesn't quite work that way. what about abused kids who grow up to be abusers themselves? shouldn't they be more empathetic since they have experienced first hand what it's like to be physically and/or mentally terrorized? hence logic doesn't apply that way.
Some abused children are more empathetic,…, some aren’t,...but each situation is different,…,each child is different,...,you can’t put them in one box "abused children".
AS IF raising kids by homosexual parents is like abusing them, like mentally terrorizing them that’s just ridicules.
Your argument is flawed.

To educate is setting an example for your kids,…, how they should behave in our society (this is one part of educating children...).
Because of the fact that gay people need to fight more for social acceptance in our society will make their children more open-minded, because their parents will raise them with those social values,…, what will make them more open-minded and socially tolerant.

Originally Posted by duckula
Gays should be shot, not entrusted with the upbringing of the next generation.
luckily it isn’t genetically stipulated.
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The lobbying groups all hate him and thats a good sign.
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