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Originally Posted by SimplyKnightley
nature does not make it possible for humans of the same gender to conceive a child. why? because there is a reason for it. whatever it is. is it so difficult to understand the point? geez
You argument is also flawed in the matter that the homosexual couple is not trying to conceive a child, they are just raising the child.

I, for one, see some benefit to being raised by a homosexual couple. The child would certainly be taught to have a very tolerant view of the world.

And for people who say that if a child is adopted by a homosexual couple, it will turn out homosexual, its been proven through study that a child raised by a homosexual couple is no more likely to become homosexual than a child raised by a heterosexual couple.

Plus, everybody, no matter who, is not 100 % male or 100% female, males always have some feminine tendencies and females always have some masculine tendencies. This comes in varying degrees, 90 - 10, 80 - 20, etc. It is more likely a person will become homosexual because of this rather than having a homosexual couple as parents.

In other words, yes
what to do
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