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Look you might find this weird for a 13-14 year old male but i live in aussie but u dont really get a tan not unless u go out 2 get 1 on purpose now when i do go down beach all that i ever get is sunbured and i peel and then i go red and it just keeps on going but if u use sunsceen it works but hardly. You might also find it weird but i have always wanted to sunbathe nude not like cause im horney or anything but when i do go swimming i dont wear spedo tye bathers so like above my short line is a really horibly white and i feel ashed for it even if no1 sees it -=-=- ANY! ELSE FROM AUSSIE = If There Is is there any ppl that can recomend somewhere or maybe a nudist beach or something i do live in Hervey Bay In QLD but i cant really get anywhere so is there any1 that can help i would appreciate it -=-=- i hope u all like and are interested by my post
Michael G From Aussie " G'Day Mates " Lol.... Looking for a Group/Gang/Clan/Club whatever thay are to join any ideas - Im Single To Mingle
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