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Even If I Am 14 I Still Have An Opinion Even If Some ppl Dont Think So - well it differs for most ppl some like facial some like clothes some like body it is different for every1 for me it is combos well for a reall sexy chick its a thin body between 50-100kg at least u wear sometype of clothes but nothing to wrecked or dirty the face is most important hair has to be clean and shiny u dont want some1 with dry hair legs,arms,back and other places u get hair to be shaven nothing is as bad and as well if u r truly sexy u dont really need makeup or things like that u just match and look good in almost anything but for me most chicks that are truly sexy bikini and beach scenes do it for me but at HIGH SCHOOL it is mostly favored as either tough and athletic ppl some with good and bad faces and most of all they normally arent shy and dont talk soft or anything like that i am shy at school and im ugly.... yeah but thats just my choices every1 or most of every1 is different
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