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if he ever approaches you don't do anything rush and don't use violence... be calm (I know it's not easy). talk to him slowly. or else he would turn into his "violent" state of mind. i think he's one of those "borderline" people... this means that they live their lives always on the edge between sanity and insanity, therefore even the smallest "menace" they feel can make them turn into violent people... it's like pulling the trigger of a dangerous weapon, you know?

maybe at the beginning, ask your friends to come out with ya. don't ever go out alone (only at the beginning). then gradually go back to the old situation (going out even alone... etc... just like before you met him).

if you talk to him remember to be calm.
and maybe keep in your bag one of those "anti-rape-things" such as the pepper-spray... just in cases, you know?!

the safer you feel, the better you will sleep... no more nightmares!!!
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