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once I caught my sister doing things with her boyfriend... she was only 12... and he was 14 and I guess quite experienced. at the time i didn't do anything but when she came back home I talked with her about this and told her to watch out. honestly being my sister I think I couldn't tell her anything... she's grown up and she is supposed to know what she can and what she can't do.

but if we talk about daughters... then everything changes: I think I wouldn't bear to see my daughter doing such things until she's 18 at least (I said at least... notice that). you know it's the preventive spirit which guides me... therefore, though I know she may be the proper age, and may know how to handle the situation... I think I would bother... and of course the first thing I would do is kick the guy's ass and open a can of whoop ass on him!!!

thought as much...
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