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So barrington, you're going to encode the site over again? Insanity, I must say.

We still do have the problem of encoding/editing coppermine, which I will be working on as time permits (in other words this coming weekend/friday, no sooner).

I do find it rather sad that the scarlett site has not risen yet, but it is true that the films she recently showed up in were fairly, well, lack luster as far as I can tell. If/when you decide to work on the Scarlett site barrington, if you need help, please let me know and I will see what I can do. I have no intention on scanning for the Scarlett site, but I will try and track down as many pictures as I can for her in the mean time.

If we end up going through with it, I'll try and ensnare some help from some very very important sources.

Hope things go well in the next couple of weeks.
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