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Well, in my eyes a ridiculous amount of time has gone by without any progress.
Of course as a site for the community and also financially (The KKW family is almost a business these days!) it's a very good investment opportunity, but I'm concerned about the viability of entering the market at such a late stage. I recognise the lack of competition, so would still be very eager to maintain this project.

To settle, if Liam doesn't produce the goods in ten days then I shall start it again from scratch and with the help of those here behind the scenes hopefully have an inaugural site live within two weeks and pulling a good proportion of traffic within two months.

It's very saddening to see such a promising project on the verge of failure because of a long-standing team player, but we all recognise the need to drive for success. To this end I would have to say that SJW will be returned exclusively to the fold of the KKW team on 18th March for development barring any intervention from our Aussie admin.

I do hate to point fingers, but eight months is almost long enough to deliver a baby, never mind a simply coded website for production.

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