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Originally Posted by Dionysus
i say no
its hard enough for straight couples to addopt kids, and the addopted kids should go to normal homes for a normal as possible up bringing

also think of the poor kid at school, he would get teased SO BADLY by the other kids because he has 2 dads, and the poor kid would probably turn out a little funny, also theres a good chance he'll turn out gay, which isnt a bad thing, but he would be very confused as to what he really wants

just my opinion
maybe, thought it is proven by now that it has NO influence on the development of the child.
but even if you don’t believe the studies…,there are heaps of children who wait for an adoption, and believe me they are better off with gay parents than the centres they are in now!
I have an adopted brother my self so I know that stuff.
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The lobbying groups all hate him and thats a good sign.
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