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Originally Posted by Mags
But would that suggest that a man and woman being infertile is nature's way of preventing them from having children? The truth is, most children who are adopted are adopted by people that, for some reason or another, can't conceive children on their own. If your argument is that nature has determined their biology to be such that they can't conceive, that would imply that the only people fit to adopt children are those who can conceive.

You also can't say for sure whether a child being raised by two parents of the same gender would have negative consequences. There's no proof that it would start a "vicious, unhealthy cycle." As I said before, children raised by one parent tend to manage fine on their own with regard to gender influences.
a man and a woman being infertile is not the same as a homosexual couple's inability to conceive. infertility (for heterosexual couple) is nature's way of weeding out the weak and propagating only the strongest. it's 'survival of the fittest' or Darwin's theory of natural selection. it's nature's way of elimination, to decide what exists and what not.

those in support of homosexual couples adopting often talk about equal rights and use examples of personal acquaintances to illustrate how such couples could have a good influence on children. let's first look at equal rights. how many supporters actually think about the child while advocating rights for the couple to adopt him/her? have they thought about whether the child wants to belong to homosexual parents (which is out of the norm)? more often than not the child does not have a choice, especially when he/she is still an infant. is this equal rights? ok so u may say that an adopted child of heterosexual parents also does not get to choose. that will lead to my second argument. even though i do not dismiss the possibility of homosexual couples being good parents, i am concerned about how the child will assimilate into society. if a child born into a 'normal' family can be an object of victimisation, imagine how much worse the experience of a child from an 'abnormal' family would be and the negative psychological impact that would be inflicted. long-term societal issues ought to be taken into consideration, besides methods of familial parenting and individual choice.
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