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Originally Posted by apoggy
That argument is flawed, and is just used asa method of using science to justify a lack of understanding.
lack of understanding in what? it is my personal viewpoint that homosexual couples should not be allowed to adopt because the fact that 2 people of the same gender could not produce an offspring means that nature has not meant it to be. of course i am aware that there are other methods for a woman to get pregnant should she not be able to do it the natural way. but my argument is based not on the 'limitations' of nature or how those so-called abnormal people would be discriminated. i am saying that nature has its way of how life should be. man and woman not only have different physical traits, their mental, intellectual and emotional made-ups also differ. they each have their own strengths and weaknesses and separate roles that they assume that are to have an important impact on a child growing up. having both parents of the same gender tips the balance and affects the development of a child. it's an unhealthy, vicious cycle.
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