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Originally Posted by SimplyKnightley
nature does not make it possible for humans of the same gender to conceive a child. why? because there is a reason for it. whatever it is. is it so difficult to understand the point? geez
It is physically impossible for a single woman to get pregnant, yet she can go down to the local sperm bank if needed. That argument is flawed, and is just used asa method of using science to justify a lack of understanding.

It is my view that gay couples should be allowed children, you cant classify a certain sexuality as being a good or bad parent, but on the whole I'd say they would make just as good parents as the rest of us. I may not understand their way of life, but that is their choice, a choice they are now able to make by law. You cant discriminate against them, otherwise similar arguments about disabled people being banned from having a child due to their 'abnormality' would ensue.
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