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Originally Posted by Mavrick
Well, its hard to say, but i would vote No. Reason: For gay people to marry is their own choice and decision, but since its their choice to be not normal. And I believe that it shouldn't be forced on to a kid that has no clue about the world to be suddenly have different parents than normal. Not that is bad, but I personally would prefer to be raised by a common and normal Male and Female couple. Its just natural... My way of thinking about this is to have it be the kids choice (of which he will be too young at the time to make that choice). So that being the case, I belive that they should not be able to adopt... that is at least my opinion. But really, its a hard topic.
First of all, I don't believe that people are necessarily choosing to be "abnormal." You may be naturally attracted to women, and I might be naturally attracted to men. It happens on an individual basis, and I don't think there's all that much choice in it, unless you mean the choice of denying your own attracting and lying about who you really are to fit into society's "norms."

As to the argument that kids adopted by homosexual parents don't have a choice, kids who are born to heterosexual parents don't have any choice in that matter either. You could end up with a mom that thinks she has to drown you in a bathtub to save your soul. Couples that go through the adoptive process have thorough background checks run on them, and they're not given children unless they have reasonably proven that they will love and care for the child to the best of their ability. There are no such restrictions for a 17 year old guy who gets his 16 year old girlfriend pregnant. I know that's generally an argument for adoption, but like I said before, there are not enough couples willing to adopt children already. Why should anyone deny a child the chance to have parents that will love them, just because they might be of the same sex?

Also, if there's the issue of male or female influences, there are always people kids can look up to. When my parents split and my dad lived thousands of miles away, I had a teacher, my band director, who would be there for me no matter what, even in situations where I wouldn't have been able to count on my dad. Plus, like I believe someone said before, no one is outrageously concerned for the welfare of children who suffer the death of a parent and thus are only raised by a parent of one sex, not receiving the opposite sex's influence. You can get that influence from lots of places.

And I agree with Ashley. It would seem more likely to me that children raised by homosexual parents would likely be much more tolerant of homosexuals, and I can't find anything wrong with that.
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