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Should homosexual couples be allowed to adopt?

Like with the "Troops in Iraq"-thread, this is an issue that have been discussed a lot in Danish politics a couple of years ago. Should homosexual couples be allowed to adopt a child? There are some very good arguments for as well as against. I think the heaviest argument for is that a two men or two women can provide a child with as much love as a straight couple can. True, I don't doubt that. I just think that children should be raised with both a father and a mother, like it's ment to be. It simply isn't natural to be homosexual. If that was the case we would be able to have babies with a person of the same sex. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not against homosexuals, nor am I against marriage between people of the same sex. I respect that, I have homosexual friends, no problem there. We just need our children to grow up with parents of different sex. Children need both a male and a female parent. A lot think that children need someone to look up to, someone of the same sex. Therefor a boy need a father to look up to, but still he needs the mother, to find his more feminine sides. And women normally are less the tough type, if you know what I mean. Boys also need to have soft sides.

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