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You are totally and completely wrong. A brilliant film. Million Dollar Baby however looks to be typical overwrought drama of the hackiest kind.
How can an opinion be wrong? Of course, if it is differing from your own it must be. I forgot. I didn't really enjoy the Aviator, at all. I thought it was well-acted, but rather boring ... kind of like Marty's last film, Gangs of New York; not even in the same league as Million Dollar Baby, for me. Maybe it's because I'm a chick, I dunno. MDB was just good, old fashioned storytelling at its best. Like I already said, biopics aren't really my thing, anyway.

Humid heat (hello, I'm from Houston. I hate it, but I'm used to it).

Ummmm ... mentos or tic tacs?
"So you go and you stand on your own.. and you leave on your own. And you go home and you cry, and you want to die..."
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