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Doing something about the unfair poor rich situation would help.
How many western companies moved their fabrics to the east to escape from the strict environment rules, and the cheap workers? ALOT
But for those governments is work for their people the first priority.
The problem in India is not only the poor people, but the way they think about life. They don’t give a damn about environment in their life philosophy.
China is not longer in the category of "third world country" i believe, they are a NIC (new industrialised country's) now.
They have a huge coal industry and don’t really want to invest in alternatives, so in way they need to get the correct signal, but if countries like the US don’t cooperate well than why should they? The US made a fool of the whole thing again (luckily we have them to play the cop of the world, *COUGH*).
The effect of the Kyoto protocol on it self will make a change of 10 - 15 years on a hundred year base what is of course not enough.
But it is signal; it is a step to change our life habits.
The alternatives exists but the economy and governments (that are directly connected with each other) earn still too much money on fossil fuels.

The reason why the USA doesn’t corporate with the Kyoto norm is because there were some agreements in it that would have a negative effect for their economy and power position. (When will they finally understand that they need to give up their power position, it has a fucking bad affect on the world)
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