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That was awkward

So I was sitting around at home on Sunday, and got a call from my girlfriend to come around to her place and watch a movie. I didn't bother getting changed, and just went there as is.
I also met her dad for the first time that afternoon, and then I started to regret not getting changed. I was wearing the tshirt I always wear when I'm knocking around the house that says 'Your little Princess, is my little whore!'
So I quickly crossed my arms over my chest to try and hide the slogan. I just say a quick hello and introduce myself and continue on to her room. He didn't seem notice my shirt.

Half way through the movie, my girlfriend and I started to get comfortable. I won't go into too much detail, I'll try and keep this PG-rated for the kids (cough*Jet*cough).
After about 10 minutes of kissing and groping her dad came in looking for a stapler or scissors or something, that's not really important. But what he got was an eyeful of his Princess half-naked on some strangers lap.

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