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Hope you don't mind an old man like me offering some advice. You said you have told a counselor. That was a smart thing to do. Please stay in touch with counselor & keep her updated on what you see/hear about this boy who is harrassing you. It sounds like he has alot of problems. Maybe he has an unhealthy home life. Do you have other guy friends who know this guy well? Another guy friend could maybe talk to him about calming down his behavior...Maybe one of your girl friends knows one of his close guy friends and peer pressure could work on this guy to back off 'cause he is freaking you out. Do you know his parents or older siblings? Maybe the counselor does and she could talk to them about his behavior...Maybe this guy needs serious psychological help from a psychollogist or Doctor of mental health. Talk to your counselor to see if he behaves this way with other girls. Chances are, you aren't the only one he's been inappropriate with. Stay in touch with your school counselor & they may be able to get this guy some help. Other than that, just keep your distance from him, report everything inapproprate he does to the counselor, the school counselor may be able to put a restraining order on him to not come within 25 feet of you or expell him and maybe have one of your guy friends (a BIG one) keep an eye on him. I would also recommend you pray for this guy to be forgiven for misbehaving. God can help with alot of things, including peace for aznkkfan. God bless you + good luck.
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